Strategy & Goals

Timelessly modern values create a solid foundation: Values like reliability, stability and solidity have always formed the bedrock of all banking business.



The Oberbank Management, the members of the Supervisory Board and the organizational structure


Oberbank History

The freedom of establishment of banks introduced in the 1970s allowed Oberbank to extend its catchment area beyond its original heartlands of Upper Austria and Salzburg.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Oberbank explicitly confirms to its commitment that ecological and social aspects of economic activities be always and systematically taken into account in strategic and operational considerations.


Investment Portfolio

Oberbank only makes long-term investments in other companies if these serve to safeguard the survival of headquarters and locations of local enterprises.


About us

Our Vision

Independence is our foremost goal – and makes us first choice for shareholders, customers and employees. This makes us successful and is our reason for being.


Our Mission

Mission Statement

We provide our services to help people and companies achieve their goals, and we stand by them all the way – over generations. 


Our principles

  • Independence: We do everything it takes to stay independent. Because this is the only way we can reach our own decisions. The foundation: a stable shareholder structure, earnings power and our partnership in the 3 Banken Group.
  • Regionality: We are an Austrian regional bank in the heart of Europe with our head office in Linz and branches in Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. 
  • Sustainability: We grow on our own strength and do not take any risks that could endanger our independence.
  • Responsibility: We assume responsibility for society – as an employer, as a partner for regional businesses and as a supporter of communities, culture and sports. 
  • Competence: We serve and advise our customers in all matters relating to money – especially in situations that require strong support and advice.
  • Passion: Competence, reliability and close personal relationships secure our customers’ trust. And we are willing to go the extra mile for them – with commitment and persistence.


Our values


  • Open: You have questions or want to commend or criticize us – we are easy to reach and gladly take the time for a conversation. We listen carefully and give open and honest answers.
  • Close: We prefer personal contacts. We talk and interact with people at a level they understand and always pay attention to their needs.
  • Transparent: Our decisions are clear and our actions predictable. This is how we inspire understanding and strengthen mutual trust.
  • Fair: Gender and age make no difference to us. We rely on performance and competence, and offer women and men, young and old, equal opportunities.  



  • Mindful: We always keep an eye on the big picture. We place the goals of customers and the company above those of departments or individual employees.
  • Determined: All decisions – personal or company – are reached swiftly and responsibly thanks to our flat hierarchy.
  • Strong Execution: You will (practically) never hear “This is not possible”. We find solutions, take the initiative and make use of the full scope of our options with prudence. 


Great Expectations

  • Opportunities: We create opportunities for people and companies to develop their potentials in line with their capabilities and goals – and also with ours.
  • Competence: We rely on the competence of our staff. This is why we are a demanding employer, but also promote skills and personal development.
  • Curious:  Curiosity is our only vice. We keep our eyes and ears open, look and think outside the box, and are open for new opportunities.


Bank Ranking (Bankers Almanac as at November 2021):


  • World Rank: 642
    Country Rank: 9

Oberbank International

Oberbank in 5 European countries: With our branch network in Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia we provide direct local support to our customers.

As a customer of Oberbank, you also benefit from the extensive branch network of our sister banks Bank für Tirol und Vorarlberg (BTV) and BKS Bank AG. Jointly, i.e. under the umbrella of the 3-Banken-Group, we are present in all of Austria’s neighbouring countries.  


Besides our Oberbank branch network in Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia, Oberbank customers may also access the services of all branch establishments of the 3-Banken Group in Baden-Württemberg (BTV), Switzerland (BTV), Italy (BTV and BKS), Slovenia (BKS) and Croatia (BKS).


Take advantage of our contacts to BTV and BKS and gain access to the foreign branch network of the 3-Banken Group.

With a network of currently more than 1,150 correspondent banks worldwide, Oberbank is in a position to accompany and support you in your international business activities.


No matter in which part of the world you may be active – we support you in matters regarding payments, funding, investments and hedging operations. The Oberbank branches are the first port of call for all customer concerns. Our international business specialists in the central business departments will then support you with solutions tailored to your individual cross-border business needs.


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