Strategy & Goals

Timelessly modern values create a solid foundation: Values like reliability, stability and solidity have always formed the bedrock of all banking business.



The Oberbank Management, the members of the Supervisory Board and the organizational structure


Oberbank History

The freedom of establishment of banks introduced in the 1970s allowed Oberbank to extend its catchment area beyond its original heartlands of Upper Austria and Salzburg.


Investment Portfolio

Oberbank only makes long-term investments in other companies if these serve to safeguard the survival of headquarters and locations of local enterprises.


Compliance at Oberbank

Compliance at Oberbank

We act in accordance with statutory requirements and responsibly towards society and economy.


Further Informations

Oberbank International

Oberbank in 5 European countries: With our branch network in Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia we provide direct local support to our customers.

As a customer of Oberbank, you also benefit from the extensive branch network of our sister banks Bank für Tirol und Vorarlberg (BTV) and BKS Bank AG. Jointly, i.e. under the umbrella of the 3-Banken-Group, we are present in all of Austria’s neighbouring countries.  


Besides our Oberbank branch network in Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia, Oberbank customers may also access the services of all branch establishments of the 3-Banken Group in Baden-Württemberg (BTV), Switzerland (BTV), Italy (BTV and BKS), Slovenia (BKS) and Croatia (BKS).


Take advantage of our contacts to BTV and BKS and gain access to the foreign branch network of the 3-Banken Group.

With a network of currently more than 1,150 correspondent banks worldwide, Oberbank is in a position to accompany and support you in your international business activities.


No matter in which part of the world you may be active – we support you in matters regarding payments, funding, investments and hedging operations. The Oberbank branches are the first port of call for all customer concerns. Our international business specialists in the central business departments will then support you with solutions tailored to your individual cross-border business needs.


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