Corporate Social Responsibility

Oberbank explicitly confirms to its commitment that ecological and social aspects of economic activities be always and systematically taken into account in strategic and operational considerations. Principles like reliability, stability and solidity are valuable assets that need to be treated with great care and diligence in particular in the banking sector, because the trust enjoyed with customers, employees and other social groups (stakeholders) is an asset that is of utmost importance.


As an employer

First and foremost, of course, we are a bank. But then, Oberbank is also an enterprise that sets great store by the wellbeing of all its employees and the health of the Company as a whole. This is because we know that success requires more than commitment, know-how and that all-important quantum of extra effort: Real success requires a nurturing general environment conducive to exceptional performance.

  • Health
    Oberbank offers its employees a variety of additional benefits conducive to health in a general, holistic sense, the most important being the Bank’s Asset Health project, which aims at enhancing the quality of life and well-being of Oberbank’s employees in a sustainable way. The project is based on three pillars: physical fitness, healthy nutrition and mental equilibrium. Following an in-depth health check, the health incentive plan includes individual counselling, personal coaching and follow-up checks.
  • Work-Life-Balance
    Besides the Asset Health project, Oberbank employees benefit from a variety of programmes aimed at promoting the compatibility of family life and work. Needless to say, an employer hoping for extra commitment from its staff has to invest extra effort in their well-being.
  • Equal opportunities
    Oberbank admits in its strategy, enshrined in the Code of Conduct, to equal opportunities for all employees. This is regardless of cultural and ethnic origin, gender, nationality, religion, age, mental and physical abilities, marital status, education, sexual orientation and identity, belief and faith.


As a business enterprise

  • Sustainability of all action
    Oberbank can only be economically successful if it lives up to its social responsibility, and the Company will only be able to fulfil its responsibilities and operate for the benefit of society as a whole if it is economically successful. Accommodating the three dimensions of sustainability (economic, ecological and social) under one roof is a special entrepreneurial challenge. The Management Board has therefore taken great care to implement appropriate measures to ensure the sustainability of the Company’s business model, thus making certain that the Bank will fully live up to its social responsibility and that Oberbank’s values are not just lip service, but realised business culture and practical reality.
  • Economic responsibility
    A responsible approach to conducting a business is the only way to ensure that an enterprise will be effectively and enduringly integrated in the economic structure of a region, will contribute to enhancing the common weal and generate lasting value added for society. Oberbank is expressly committed to the goal of sustainable business development. The Bank’s strategy, business policy, target planning and remuneration system put their focus on long-term business success and make sustainable, successful development the guiding principle of all corporate action.

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