Criteria of the independence

In compliance with Rule C 53 of the Austrian Code of Corporate Governance (ÖCGK), the Supervisory Board defined guideline criteria to ensure its members’ independence in conformity with the provisions of the Code.


Excerpt from the Rules of Procedure

Read more about the Articles 5  to 11 from the Rules of Procedure.


The Articles of Association of Oberbank AG specify the general regulations governing the Company’s operations and provide information regarding the Company’s capital and shares, the statutes of the corporation, the annual financial statements and the appropriation of profits, specific regulations governing the issuance of covered partial debentures as well as any amendments to such articles.


Articles of Association of Oberbank AG
Alone the text of that document published in german is legally binding.

With the application of the MAR on 03 July 2016, Directors‘ Dealings are no longer published by the FMA, but rather by the issuer. The liable individual must provide the Directors‘ Dealings report to the issuer and the FMA. At that point, the issuer will publish the report in accordance with Art. 19 Para. 3 MAR. Persons that carry out management tasks within an issuing body, as well as persons with a close relationship to them, report to the issuer and the FMA every proprietary business with shares or debt security of the issuer, or any connected derivatives or other connected financial instruments (Art 19 Para. 1 MAR).
In the business year 2016, based on the legal situation of the time (until 2 July 2016), 8 such reports were made to the FMA. Based on the new legal situation as of 03 July 2016, the Oberbank AG has published a total of 20 such reports via the euro adhoc-system.



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