The 3 Banken Group

The syndicate contract between BTV, Oberbank, BKS Bank and the (then) Kreditanstalt paved the way for the 3 Banken Group in 1952. Today Oberbank, BKS and BTV form a strong unit and share a commitment to preserving our independence, proximity to customers, local market expertise and the dedication of our employees.


Operating in 9 countries

Oberbank, BKS Bank and BTV operate as independent entities in their respective core regions. Beyond Austria's borders, the 3 Banken Group is represented in Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia and Italy.


Joined Synergies

Synergies in the areas of IT, insurance, investment funds and risk protection are exploited by the 3 Banken Group.


Mutual Shareholdings

To ensure our independence and protect us from outside influence, all three banks have mutual shareholdings. As a result, decisions are made solely in the interests of our customers, employees and shareholders.